How I Work

A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear.



Crisis are an essential part of our life, they force us to understand what really works for us.

In one-to-one sessions I will support my clients in finding clarity by examining the emotional condition. We bring into focus the relevant aspects of the current situation. Therefore, we may need to step into the past but without concentrating on it. We will investigate the obstacles that prevent you from living your version of a serene life.

I accompany my clients to be more aware of the desires, to resolve belief blocks and we explore new visions. Together we design structures that support chosen goals and subsequent steps and appropriate plans that lead to new solutions.

You have the answers and resources in you.

The aim of my counseling is not to offer ready-made solutions, but rather to support my clients in developing their own, unique answers and paths forward. Therefore, we will define a concrete objective. Goals of counseling can be an unfolding of perspectives, an encouragement to self-reflection or to overcome of conflicts with agents or colleagues. I will function as a neutral, critical sparring partner and will apply solution and outcome orientated techniques based on my experience of working in the music industry.

In one-to-one session I will guide through the process of transformation and change. In the first consultation (free of charge) we analyze the objectives and we get to know each other. If we think that we are a good fit, we will set out a certain objective for the counseling sessions. Specifying goals generates ideas for their fulfillment. One session takes 90 – 120 minutes, and a counseling process usually requires three to four sessions, but can be adjusted individually. Privacy will be respected at all times.


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