Stoic Principles Every Creative Needs To Thrive

Ancient philosophy and creative work are rarely thought analogous. Maybe they should. Creative work of any kind—a book, a screenplay, a painting, an album, a business—really comes down to having something to say and a way to say it so people listen. As Ryan Holiday writes in Perennial Seller, “Anyone doing any kind of creative... Continue Reading →

True freedom is a luxury of the mind

In his influential paper of 1943, A Theory of Human Motivation, the American psychologist Abraham Maslow proposed that healthy human beings have a certain number of needs, and that these needs are arranged in a hierarchy, with some needs (such as physiological and safety needs) being more primitive or basic than others (such as social... Continue Reading →

Brené Brown on the power of vulnerability

        Brené Brown is a shame-and-vulnerability expert. I know: that was my reaction, too. I’m really not wired for this sort of stuff, but bear with me.   Here’s the thing: Brown, whose talk in 2010 on 'the power of vulnerability’ has been viewed nearly six million times on (the organisation dedicated to 'ideas... Continue Reading →

The hero`s journey as a personal narrative

Most likely you have heard of the work of Joseph Campbell, the American writer and teacher who made his mark on the world with his captivating analysis of the hero’s journey that is found in many myths throughout human history. From Homer’s Odyssey to George Lucas’ Star Wars, Campbell traces the journey that a man... Continue Reading →

Laziness Does Not Exist. But unseen barriers do.

People love to blame procrastinators for their behavior. Putting off work sure looks lazy, to an untrained eye. Even the people who are actively doing the procrastinating can mistake their behavior for laziness. You’re supposed to be doing something, and you’re not doing it — that’s a moral failure right? That means you’re weak-willed, unmotivated,... Continue Reading →

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