Creating, consuming and working with music is fun, interesting and a highly dynamic process but working in the music industry can have negative impacts on our mental wellbeing – according to a survey by the University of Westminster in 2016 “Can Music Make You Sick? Music and Depression” (commissioned by Help Musician UK). This quote  represents the dynamics of different creative industries such as art, fashion, film or advertising industry. 

You are ambitious, you can not say No or you have to be available 24/7. Artists, agents, curators, publicists or journalists – none of them can exist without the other and the network is crucial in this business. Social media give you the illusion that everybody is doing great. Comparing yourself usually is a downward spiral. The most of us are self employed – as an artist or a professional. You can not simply take a day off or go on sick leave. It is also hard to satisfy people. It is hardly ever good enough.

The creative industry can be a difficult place to navigate at the best of times, becoming almost impossible to cope with when you are

  • feeling anxious & constantly exhausted
  • traveling, experiencing excitement of shows and the loneliness that follows
  • caught in a cycle of expectation & ambition coupled with self-criticism & self-imposed pressure 
  • merging your personal identity with profession & constantly exposed to feedback
  • losing perspective on what truly matters
  • being confronted with sexism in a male dominated environment

Having worked in the Berlin music circuit for more than eight years I am very familiar with the specifics and challenges of this industry. Along with a degree in Psychology I am complementing this experience with a training in Systemic Coaching at a certified institute in Berlin.  This allows me to support my clients in applying different techniques to

  • unveil fears and blockades
  • find clarity
  • set boundaries
  • discover ways of a gentle life and resources of resilience
  • define new perspectives, identify their obstacles and find ways to overcome them.

I offer mental support to people of the entertainment and creative businessconfidential and free of judgement.